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My name is Ronel. I am the proud owner of Petronella Studios.

I am a Non-Posey, Documentary Style Wedding Photographer and Graphic Designer based in Cape Town, South Africa. 

I've been a Wedding Photographer for almost 10 years now (totally giving my age away) and I absolutely freaking love it! I like to overstay my welcome at weddings just so that I can show off my "sick" dance moves. Even though I'm documenting weddings in the most Southern Part of the world, if you buy me a plane ticket to anywhere outside of South Africa, I'll shoot your wedding absolutely free.

I have created three very simple Wedding Collections specially for you to make planning for your big day just so much easier!

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If you are looking for a photographer who is a bit crazy, believes in unposed photos, and lives for art galleries, then you have come to the right place.